Safe Mail Handling

Approximate duration:

14 minutes 50 seconds


This program is designed to allow people involved in mail handling to undertake a valid risk assessment of these tasks and to act on that risk assessment in their workplace.

The course follows a step by step risk management process looking at the hazards associated with these tasks, the way the risks can be assessed, the way these risks might be eliminated and the control methods that can be used to reduce risks to an acceptable level if elimination of the risks is not possible. The course then looks at how a process of monitoring and review can be carried out to make sure that the process continues to work effectively.

The program examines in some detail the way the working environment can be managed to reduce risk and the use of safe systems of work.

The course ends with a practical list of things that workers can do to look after their own safety while handling mail.

The program is followed by a quiz which requires a pass mark of 80% to be considered competent.